We offer a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee

  • If the product is returned within 30 days of shipping, then a FULL-PRODUCT REFUND will be processed
    • SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE REFUND and we ask that the customer arrange the shipping back to Bioclear’s Warehouse


  • We offer warranties on our re-usable products as follows:
    • 1 Year Warranty from date of purchase
      • HeatSync
      • HeatSync Mini
      • Blaster – Please try the steps on the Blaster Troubleshooting sheet first
        • Only valid if using approved wipes and using aluminum trihydroxide powder
    • 6 Month Warranty from date of purchase
      • Instruments, including; C1-Clark Explorer, C2-Sculpting Point, C3-Curved Sculpting Paddle, C5-Micro-Hemostat, C6-Scalpel Handle, C7-Curved Micro-Pliers, C8-Matrix Sculpting Scissors, C12-Twin Ring Forceps, Smile Design Wheel
      • HeatSync Guns – Only valid if using approved wipes
      • Twin Rings – Only valid if using our forceps and STEAM AUTOCLAVE ONLY
      • A refurbished HeatSync, HeatSync Mini, or Blaster
    • If it is not listed above, then we do not warranty it
  • We can usually repair HeatSyncs, HeatSync Minis, and Blasters, so those need to be returned for evaluation
    • Within the Warranty period, we can also offer the use of a refurbished heater or blaster. We will cover the shipping for these items as well.
      • If we send a refurbished item, it will be placed in the customer account as an invoice at a reduced rate from a new piece of equipment with the due-date 2 months out.
      • If the equipment has been repaired and returned, and we have not received the refurbished item back, then the customer account will be charged for the refurbished item.
        • After we receive the item, and it has been evaluated, a quote for the repair costs will be sent to the customer for approval.
  • We can not repair instruments, HeatSync guns, or Twin Rings, so they do not need to be returned
    • HOWEVER – please send us a picture of the broken item for our records
      • Photos can be sent to [email protected] Please include the practice name and doctor’s name in the email so we can match the photo to the RMA form

RMA Shipping

    • Once we have entered the information into our system, we will email you an RMA sheet to be included in the return package to help with processing. We ask the customer to arrange the shipping back to us on their shipping account.
    • If it is an item for repair or exchange then we will pay for the return shipping.

Course Registration and Cancellation Policy

We require a written notification of cancellation more than 30 days prior to a course for a full refund of the deposit or rescheduling the date. Cancellations made within the 30 day period prior to the course date are not eligible for refunds or rescheduling.