Live Courses

  • Learn about Bioclear and Heated Injection Molding live from the comfort of your own operatory. 7 CE
    7 Hours
    1 day
    Starting at $654.40
  • 4-Day Core Anterior & Core Posterior Certification. 36 CE
    4 Days
    4 days
    Starting at $7,500.00
  • The Black Triangle Certification course is a three-part course. 18 CE
    1 Day
    1 day
    Starting at $2,475.00
  • Briefly learn about the 3M products that are recommended for Bioclear procedures and why they work so well. Then each additional lesson will focus on one of the specific products learned about in the overview.
    Starting at Free
  • The renaissance endodontist understands the 5 pillars of long-term patient centered tooth retention. This course teaches a new way to think about restorative treatment. By understanding how and why teeth crack, an what we can do omitagate crack propagation. You'll lean to perform Bioclear restorations, cut preps and restore cases with compressive features that can be utilized in the final direct restoration, the underlying build-up prior to an indirect, or the crown prep an design.
    Starting at $3,950.00
  • Learn how to achieve more predictable better long term outcomes, with stronger contacts. Resulting in less postoperative pain, happier patients, and better profitability.
    3 hours
    Starting at $300.00
  • Discover the 5 pillars of the Bioclear Method that lead to consistent, esthetic, strong outcomes.
    Starting at Free
  • Bring your composite anterior restorations to the next level. 27 CE
    3 Days
    3 days
    Starting at $7,500.00
  • Hands-On Two-Day Course | 18 CE
    2 Days
    2 days
    Starting at $3,750.00