Bioclear Certified Providers have completed advanced training on the Bioclear Method.

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Disclaimer and Release of Liability

I understand that the dentist who is providing my Bioclear treatment is a general dentist and is not employed by, an agent of, affiliated with, or licensed by Bioclear Matrix. The phrase "Bioclear Matrix Certified Doctor" denotes only that a dental professional has completed one or more training courses offered by Bioclear Matrix that are necessary to enable him or her to begin treating patients with the Bioclear Method. I understand that the certificate provided by Bioclear Matrix to my dentist attests only to my dentist’s attendance at, and completion of, the Bioclear Learning Center certified course and does not attest to, certify, or guarantee any level of skill or expertise or any quality of performance. I understand and acknowledge that Bioclear Matrix makes no warranties or representations regarding, and does not guarantee or certify the quality of, the services provided by my dentist or any other licensed health care professional. I attest that I am 18 years or older, and I have read this patient agreement and fully understand its term.

I Accept