"My first response was WOW! I didn't expect it to be so easy and look so nice. " - C. Johnstone, Patient
"The treatment was done in a single session and the results far surpassed my expectations. My teeth are now very natural looking." - MIcheal, Patient
"I am using what I learned on my FIRST patient this morning. What a practical and useful course " - Sam Minagawa, DDS PS, Northwest Dental Care

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Finishing Orthodontics With Bioclear

Orthodontics has seen significant advances over the past decade.  In spite of these advances, there is no magic wand or silver bullet when teeth are undersized. In addition, there are a staggering ...

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Bioclear Matrix's revolutionary, dramatic (and patented) cervical curvature for the first time permits

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The anatomic Bioclear Matrix makes Class III and Class IV restorations predictable.

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Translucent anatomic matrices create round smooth embrasures and tight contacts are assured by the TwinRing and Diamond Wedges.

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Bioclear Matrix offers the latest, most progressive products and techniques evolving from the traditional preparations, and dental matrix systems for anterior and posterior composite restorations. Closing space between the teeth also known as dental black triangles or diastema closure, are just one of the many issues Bioclear Matrix's sectional matrix helps treat. Dr. David Clark has changed the course of dental composites by bringing new dimension to aesthetics and function through cutting edge procedural advances.
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