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Color Matching, Color Blending, and Color Stability with Injection Over-Molding (recorded Zoom webinar).

Joined by Dr. Jarett Hulse in Texas, Dr. Clark and Dr. Hulse discuss how to appropriately color match on patients, as well as proper color blending and color stability while Injection Over-Molding using the Bioclear Method. Together these two doctors provide tips and ideas on how to improve your color matching and patient-centered outcomes.

Webinar Length: 1 hour

Click here to watch this webinar. Following this webinar, all Webinar Wednesdays will be moved to once a month on the second Wednesday of each month. Click here to pre-register for the next Webinar Wednesday on September 9th at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST.

Dr. Jarett Hulse

Dr. Hulse owns a cosmetic dental practice in Austin, Texas. He has been in practice since 2005 and prides himself on providing world-class dentistry and keeping up with all the latest technologies and techniques. Dr. Hulse loves doing Bioclear. He was initially trained in 2014 and has become one of the premier providers for this innovative technique. Often people come from all different parts of Texas to have their smiles transformed and their black triangles closed and people fly in from other states for this treatment. As of 2019, Dr. Hulse has begun lecturing and teaching the Bioclear Method to other dentists. Dr. Hulse really believes Bioclear is something every dentist should be doing, and he is proud to be spreading the message to other forward-thinking minimally invasive dentists.