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3/19/2021 Closing Black Triangles Simply & Predictably with the Bioclear Method: A Gateway to Building Your Practice featuring Dr. Charles Regalado

Dr. Charles Regalado, a full faculty member at the Bioclear Learning Center, discusses his approach to closing black triangles using the Bioclear Method. The webinar includes a discussion of the prevalence and etiology of black triangles in adults as well as principle methods for restoring them conservatively and predictably.

Course Objectives:
• Identify the prevalence and etiology of Black Triangles in adults
• Describe why Black Triangles are so disliked by patients and difficult for clinicians to treat
• Explain the Bioclear principles and methods
• Understand why Injection Molding is the best method to predictably close Black Triangles
• Understand the use of the Black Triangle Matrix System

Click here to watch the recording of this webinar.

This webinar is sponsored by Bioclear Matrix System and 3M Oral Care.