Restorative For Endodontists

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The renaissance endodontist understands the 5 pillars of long-term patient centered tooth retention. This course teaches a new way to think about restorative treatment. By understanding how and why teeth crack, an what we can do omitagate crack propagation. You'll lean to perform Bioclear restorations, cut preps and restore cases with compressive features that can be utilized in the final direct restoration, the underlying build-up prior to an indirect, or the crown prep an design.


What is Covered:

  • The Bioclear Method for posterior restorations
  • Modern selective caries removal
  • Deep margin acquisiton and elevation
  • Cuspal overlays for molars that are cracked and/or endodontically treated
  • Rapid single posterior tooth movement for endodontists
  • Why crowns are bad for incisor teeth
  • Modern post and core 3D Ferrule and the Endo Restorative pros continuum
  • Vertical dimension alteration with the Dahl and Modified Dahl technique

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