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Inventor of the Bioclear Method, Dr. David Clark DDS

Bioclear Clinic founder, Dr. David Clark is the director of Bioclear Learning Centers International. Dr. founded the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry and is on the editorial board for several journals and has lectured in 20 different countries. He holds several US patents integral to the Bioclear Method and Matrix System

Due to an ever-increasing demand from patients, Dr Clark founded the Bioclear Clinic in 2015. Its purpose is to cater to the unique demands of patients traveling form the United States and abroad for Bioclear Method rejuvenation of their natural teeth. Since inventing the Bioclear Method, Dr. Clark has restored thousands of teeth with compelling success, both in the natural esthetics of Bioclear but more importantly the improved health of the Method.

Dr. Clark also devotes time to treat many of the dentists who travel to Tacoma for training at the Bioclear Learning Center, which adjoins the Bioclear Clinic.

Dr. Clark’s interests include the re-designing of restorative and endodontic cavity preparations; an overhaul of the tragically outdated GV Black cavity shapes. For composite dentistry, this includes the non-retentive Class II preparation which requires the Injection Molding Filling Technique, and Injection Over-Molding of worn, mis-shaped and fractured anterior teeth with the Bioclear 360 veneer technique and system.

Dr. Clark has developed the Bioclear Matrix System that promises a real advancement for placement of biologically appropriate, esthetically pleasing direct composite restorations for treating minimally invasive Class II preparations, diastema closure, and black triangle elimination combined with papilla regeneration, and traditional anterior composites. He has been granted several US patents.

He and Dr. John Khademi are acknowledged as fathers of Minimally Invasive Endodontics, which at first was rejected by most North American endodontists but is now being embraced by the mainstream. Dr. Clark published the first guide and classification system for dentin and enamel cracks based on 16 power magnification and has conducted studies on cracked teeth. He has designed numerous instruments, burs, wedges, matrices, separators and equipment and has written chapters for both esthetic dentistry and endodontic textbooks.

Dr. Clark served for 18 months as the lecturer and lead dentist for CRA during Gordon Christensen’s absence and served on CRA’s board of directors for several years. He maintains a private practice in Tacoma WA USA.

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Whether you need a broken tooth repaired or your black triangle teeth eliminated Dr. Clark can help. Don’t hesitate to contact our office here in Tacoma, Washington for a consultation, to discuss your cosmetic and restorative dental options and learn how Bioclear can help.


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