Bioclear Certified providers have completed advanced training in the Bioclear Method and have studied directly from the source – the Bioclear Learning Center. These providers use Bioclear products and techniques to perform Bioclear Method restorations and are highly skilled in the procedures you are looking for.

A Bioclear Certified provider might be certified in one or several areas. These include treatments in the posterior (back of the mouth) and anterior (front of the mouth) and black triangles (spaces/gaps between the teeth and gumline).

These are the certifications a Bioclear dentist can have:

Core Anterior Certification: These are the first levels in Bioclear for the anterior (front) teeth. Doctors receive two days of intense hands-on training to master:

  • The treatment of simple black triangles
  • Restoring decayed anterior teeth 
  • Overmolding single undersized teeth
  • Treatment of gum recession
  • Replacement of discolored, worn out, or failing fillings
  • Instant orthodontics to treat slightly rotated teeth

Core Posterior Certification: These are the first levels in Bioclear for the posterior (back) teeth. Doctors receive two days of intense hands-on training to master:

  • Minimal tooth reduction and prep
  • Crown alternative procedures
  • Less food impaction
  • Less tooth sensitivity
  • Greatly reduced potential for endodontic therapy (root canal)

Advanced Anterior Certification: This certification is all about smile design and full-mouth rejuvenation. Doctors receive three full days of intense hands-on training to master: 

  • The treatment of multiple undersized teeth or teeth with large spaces
  • The treatments of worn out or broken teeth in the anterior and posterior
  • Full overmolding/complete coverage of teeth for strength and protection
  • How to complete 360 degree direct composite veneers
  • Treatment of fum recession and notches at the gumline
  • And treatment of complex black triangles

Black Triangle Certification: Black Triangles can often occur after adult orthodontic treatment or from gumline recession. Certified doctors have perfect the art of treating these dreaded spaces between teeth and the gumline. Doctors receive intense hands-on training to master: 

  • The treatment of dark spaces between the teeth and gumline
  • Gumlining recession
  • Treatment of notches in the gumline
  • Black triangles on multiple teeth 
  • Simple black triangles

Master Track Certification: This is the highest certification level in the Bioclear Method. These Bioclear Certified providers have completed all of the certification levels. In addition, they have completed various treatments on their own patients and have submitted the required x-rays, photos, and write-ups. Learning Center faculty analyze and review the work received before Mastership Status is awarded.

Pediatric Certification: Extensive, two-day certification developed specifically for pediatric dentists or general dentists who treat children. 

  • Proper removal of Biofilm on all teeth
  • Clark Class I/II preparation and restoration of primary and permanent posterior teeth
  • Treatment of undersized or peg laterals
  • Injection Overmolding of a fractured incisor
  • Treatment of large occlusal caries with the Calla Lilly Clark Class I

As with most things, certification is an indicator of a level of achievement in a particular area and is bestowed by the body of professionals who know it best. Bioclear Learning Center faculty instructors are the only authorized source of this education and these certifications. Bioclear Learning Center faculty instructors have extensive backgrounds in Bioclear as well as traditional dentistry, and are skilled educators.

The number of certifications a Bioclear provider has earned conveys their level of training and range of their skill. A dentist with only one certification level is still extremely skilled and highly recommended in that area. If you are looking for a dentist to help repair your black triangles, you may not need a provider with Core Posterior Certification. If, however, you are looking for a long-term dentist for your whole family, you may want to find someone with multiple certifications.

You can trust a Bioclear certified dentist with your smile. They are masters who have put in the time and effort to learn and perfect their technique and have been evaluated and approved by Bioclear itself.