LIVE Intro Virtual Hands on Course: Injection Molding and The Bioclear Technique for Composites for Mommy Dentists in Business



LIVE Intro Virtual Hands on Course: Injection Molding and The Bioclear Technique for Composites for Mommy Dentists in Business


This excellent 7-hour LIVE virtual hands-on course is ideal for anyone who wants to get started with Bioclear and the Bioclear Method.  Learn Live with an instructor;  all models, composite warmer, matrices and instruments will be sent to you prior to course. The course is limited to US and Canada participants only.

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Learn about Bioclear and Heated Injection Molding LIVE from the comfort of your practice.

All materials needed to participate including: Heatsync composite warmer, soft tissue dentoform, 3M materials, matrices and instruments will be shipped to all attendees prior to course.

In a quest to bring composite dentistry out of the 19th century, Dr. David Clark and the Bioclear Method has redefined the way we think about restorative dentistry by developing modern-day systems and methods for cavity preparations, special matrices, wedges, separators and bonding, restorative and polishing materials and methods. His injection molding technique has created a third modality with Monolithic Restorations.

Direct composites are underappreciated in today’s world of implants and computer-assisted ceramics. Yet, composites can sometimes be less invasive and more natural. Esthetic treatments, including diastema closure, black triangle closure, Class II, III and IV composite restorations are just the start of what can be done with the Bioclear technique.

Realistic soft tissue dentoforms, Bioclear matrices and 3M restoration products will be utilized in the courses. All products will be shipped to attendees before the course. Attendees will:
  • Learn and perform the three steps to achieve rock-solid posterior composite contacts
  • Close a black triangle and create a mirror-like finish and invisible margins
  • Receive an updated, hands-on evaluation of modern matrices, wedges and separators
  • Learn the injection molding technique using liquified flowable and paste composite resin
  • Understand solutions to avoid the most common mistakes that lead to less-than satisfactory results when performing anterior composites
  • Discover the benefits of injection molding into special black triangle matrices
Training course length: 7:00am-2:30pm, 7 hours
CE credit: 7 credits

Please note that all course times are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST).
Cancellation Policy: Attendees have 30 days prior to the course date to reschedule or receive a full refund of the course. Any attempt to reschedule or receive a full refund within 30 days of the course is not permitted. For more information contact Tanya Copeman at

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