Bioclear Evolve Select Add-On Kit

Product Code: 827121


Bioclear Evolve Select Add-On Kit

Product Code: 827121


The Bioclear Evolve Select Add-On Kit offers a 10 count of a selection of the most commonly used Evolve matrix colors and sizes to try the Evolve Matrix system.

Following the legacy of the Biofit HD Matrix Series, the Evolve Matrices have the same benefits and additional features for posterior cases.

The new features of the Bioclear Evolve Matrix Series include:

  • four emergence profile shapes that are color-coded on the tab
  • matrix heights printed on the matrix for quick identification
  • extra-flared quick-release tabs on the buccal and lingual surfaces that are easier to find and use
  • a wide array of sizes (heights) available (the molar blue comes in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9mm’s, the molar orange comes in 6, 7, and 9mm’s, the molar pink comes in 6, 7, and 9mm’s, and the premolar black comes in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10mm’s)

Blue Evolve Molar: can be used for anything you would typically use a Biofit matrix for and more.

Orange Evolve Molar: created for instances where the Blue Evolve matrices invert. This matrix features a flatter emergence profile curvature than the Blue Evolve but is not as flat as the Pink Evolve matrix.

Pink Evolve Molar: created for whenever the Blue Evolve or Orange Evolve matrices invert. Commonly this occurs between maxillary 1st and 2nd molars in cases of broad teeth, tight root proximity, or very flat teeth. Often referred to as the Broad Flat Molar Matrix.

Black Evolve Premolar: created specifically for the shape and size of premolar teeth.

For more information, on the Evolve Matrix System click here.

Product id 827121

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Kit Contents

Item Qty
327042 – Bioclear Evolve Blue, 8mm 10
327052 – Bioclear Evolve Blue, 9mm 10
327071 – Bioclear Evolve Pink, 6mm 10
327081 – Bioclear Evolve Pink, 7mm 10
327101 – Bioclear Evolve Pink, 9mm 10
327131 – Bioclear Evolve Orange, 6mm 10
327151 – Bioclear Evolve Orange, 9mm 10
327231 – Bioclear Evolve Premolar Black, 7mm 10
327241 – Bioclear Evolve Premolar Black, 8mm 10
327261 – Bioclear Evolve Premolar Black, 10mm 10