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Biofit Transparent Posterior Matrix Kit

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The Biofit Transparent Posterior Matrix Kit combines the best of the Bioclear System to create snug, broad, and comfortable contacts in posterior restorations. With the new patented Biofit Matrices, Twin Ring and Diamond Wedges, tooth separation and matrix adaptation are effortless. By offering a variety of Biofit Matrices (in both clear blue and HD), the Biofit Full Posterior System gives you flexible options for treating a wide variety of clinical situations.

Introducing the New Twin Ring and Diamond Wedge


The Twin Ring is Bioclear's answer to many of the problems with traditional ring separators. 

  • Can be used with any matrix
  • Has a unique design allows the Twin Ring to adapt and adhere to a variety of tooth types and shapes
  • Has a geometry that causes it to apply a strong even tension that assists in the separation of the teeth; creates a strong seal with the matrix; and doesn't allow the composite to flow past the gingival margin thus eliminating line angle overhangs
  • Has a structural design that causes it to have excellent form memory; it is guaranteed to retian its original shape without warping, even after hundreds of uses
  • Becomes easier to squeeze the forceps due to the physics of the twin Nitinol wires which dictate that as you spread the ring open
  • Helps to eliminate interference when a clamp is used due to the angle of the spring 


Diamond Wedgetext

The new Bioclear Diamond Wedge is designed to solve many of the difficulties in using traditional wedges. Inspired by nature and made from a flexible material with a diamond shaped cut-out in the tip, the new wedge causes minimal insertion pressure by collapsing during insertion. The wedge then springs open once through the embrasure, creating a tight seal and stopping the wedge from backing out. While still maintaining a strong separation, the flexibility of the Diamond Wedge creates an excellent marginal adaptation and requires less effort to push through the embrasure and is thus less invasive. The diamond design and flexible material creates a complete marginal seal which eliminates the uncontrolled flow of excess composite and minimizes clean up after the composite has been cured.


Product Quantity
Biofit HD 4.5 mm 25
Biofit HD 5.5 mm 25
Biofit HD 6.5 mm 25
Biofit BLUE 4.5 mm 25
Biofit BLUE 5.5 mm 25
Biofit BLUE 6.5 mm 25
Biofit Matrix Total: 150
Diamond Wedges:  
Small 16
Medium 16
Large 16
Extra Large 16
Deep Caries 16
Diamond Wedge Total: 80
Twin Rings:  
Molar 1
Pre-Molar 1
Twin Ring Forceps 1
 Curved Micro Pliers
Instructions 5


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