"My first response was WOW! I didn't expect it to be so easy and look so nice. " - C. Johnstone, Patient
"The treatment was done in a single session and the results far surpassed my expectations. My teeth are now very natural looking." - MIcheal, Patient
"I am using what I learned on my FIRST patient this morning. What a practical and useful course " - Sam Minagawa, DDS PS, Northwest Dental Care

Anterior Matrix Kit

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Get started treating black triangles, diastema closures, and deep class III with the Anterior Matrix Kit. This kit has all the anterior matrices, wedges and TruContact saws. The Anterior Matrix Kit is intended for the treatment of all anterior cases. Closing spaces has never been more predictable until now. The Bioclear Matrix® comes in different sizes which allow you to select the matrices based on the size of the tooth and the area to be closed. The clinical instructions (included) will help you with matrix placement and composite placement. Also included are patient education materials which are helpful for starting the conversation about using this unique system to help with smile aesthetics. 

All of the components (matrices, wedges and contact saws) are organized in convenient cups that are held together by a reusable clip. Each matrix and wedge size can be ordered individually.


Product Quantity
A101 10
A102 10
A103 10
A104 10
A105 10
DC201 10
DC202 10
DC203 10
DC204 10
Diamond Wedges  
DWS 16
DWM 16
DWL 16
Contact Saws  
TruContact-Blue 1
TruContact-Red 2
TruContact-Orange 1
Total Matrices 90
Total Wedges 64


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