"My first response was WOW! I didn't expect it to be so easy and look so nice. " - C. Johnstone, Patient
"The level 1 composite course is hands down the best CE course I've ever taken." - Frank Calvo,DDS, Queen Anne Dental Group
"The treatment was done in a single session and the results far surpassed my expectations. My teeth are now very natural looking." - MIcheal, Patient

Bioclear Products

Bioclear Matrix is pleased to offer you a full online resource to all Bioclear products.  To place an order online, click on the orange "Order Online" button above in the top menu or click on the "Buy now" by each item.

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Biofit Transparent Posterior Kit

The new Biofit Transparent Posterior Kit includes both the new Biofit HD Matrices and the new Biofit BLUE Matrices as well as other tools appropriate for most posterior cases.
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Biofit HD Intro Posterior Kit

The new Biofit HD Intro Posterior Kit includes the new Biofit HD Matrices and contains the tools appropriate for 75% of posterior cases.
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Anterior Matrix Kit

Get started treating black triangles, diastemas, and deep class III with the anterior kit. This kit has all the anterior matrices, wedges and TruContacts.
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HeatSync Composite Heater

The only composite heater designed to work with injection molding technique and the Bioclear Method.
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Bioclear Blaster

The Biocear Blaster is built for efficient biofilm removal. Using a slurry of Aluminum-Trihydroxide (included), air, and water blasting bioflim will ensure a strong enamel bond and long lasting stain free composites. Connects to Kavo high speed swivel attachment (included), so set up is clutter free.
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The Bioclear Matrix

The Bioclear anatomic matrices make for predictable margins and beautiful shape. Choose from the Anterior and Diastema Closure matrices.
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