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Esthetics Diastema Closure

by Dr. David Clark Jan 10, 2014 Aesthetics Not tagged yet...

This article highlights a clinical case that demonstrates many of the common problems associated with direct composite treatment of midline diastemas. The patient is retreated successfully with a minimally invasive approach which includes: careful placement of composites using ideal tissue retraction, balanced use of flowable and paste composites, the staged wedging technique, and pre-curved/dedicated diastema closure matrices.  Although porcelain laminates are often considered to be superior to direct composites for treatment of diastemas.  However this case demonstrates that direct composites can be superior to porcelain techniques in regards to gingival health and for potential papilla regeneration, when modern staged wedging techniques are combined with a pre-curved matrix along with the balanced use of flowable and paste composites.

Fig 1 Fig 14



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