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Level 1.0 & 3.0 - Anterior Solutions: Introduction to the Bioclear Method

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The Anterior Solutions course is highly practical and designed for all dentists who wish to increase their skills in modern techniques for successful anterior composite restorations. The Bioclear Method offers a unique and cutting edge alternative to traditional direct composite restorations.

After completion of the 2 day course at the BLC you will become Level 1.0 & 3.0 Certified Bioclear Provider.


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Level 1.0: Injection Molding Technique For Modern Composite Dentistry

Day 1 focuses on the HeatSync injection moulding composite technique with the use of the anatomic Bioclear Matrix system, and the Rock Star mirror 2-step polishing technique.

Level 3.0: Full Aesthetic Veneers

Day 2 focuses on large complex cases that require treatment planning and advanced techniques.  Focus will be on using Direct Bioclear Method composite veneers to rebuild fractured teeth and as a valuable alternative to porcelain crowns and veneers.



2 Days


Lecture Overview

Level 1.0

  • Pillars of the Bioclear Method
  • Bioclear Matrix selection and adaptation
  • Heat Sync Heating and injection molding of composite materials
  • Biofilm removal
  • Bioclear 2-step Polish technique
  • Bioclear Class III cavity design with radius/infinity margin
  • Injection molding for Class III restorations
  • Black triangle closure/treatment
  • Reshaping undersized teeth
  • Treatment of peg laterals

Level 3.0

  • Refresh of Bioclear Method background and method
  • Bioclear Matrix selection and adaptation including the Bioclear Veneer Matrix
  • Bioclear 2-step Polish technique
  • Bioclear Class III cavity design with radius/infinity margin when replacing old failed traditional composites
  • Rebuilding fractured teeth
  • Direct composite veneers


Session Breakdown

 Level 1.0

  • Anterior deep class III caries
      • Cavity design including the infinity edge margin
      • Anatomic Bioclear Matrix selection and adaption
      • Injection moulding composite technique
      • Rock Star 2 step polish
  • Treatment of Black Triangles
  • Diastema closure and reshaping of undersized peg lateral teeth

 Level 3.0

  • Treatment planning and execution of full composite veneers on compromised or previously restored maxillary anteriors – canine to canine.
  • Understand and practice principles of proper tooth preparation
  • Learn efficient composite injection moulding techniques to create dramatic yet realistic results with the new Bioclear Veneer Matrix.


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