Bioclear Treatment Before and After Photos

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Peg Laterals and Undersized Teeth

Composite reshaping for a beautiful smile


The Bioclear Matrix and Peg Lateral Treatment

Our smile is important to us whether we are young or old. We live in a culture where having beautiful teeth is of the utmost importance. If you possess undersized or peg shaped lateral incisors, you may feel insecure or uncomfortable with the small size or shape of these teeth in comparison to the rest of your teeth.

Fig 2

This dilemma can now be easily remedied through a conservative option using Bioclear Matrix Composite Molding System. The benefits of direct composite will preserve your original tooth structure while enhancing its shape, and closing the negative space between teeth. It is now possible to have that beautiful, natural, full smile that provides you with confidence, that makes you want to smile.

DSCF4883 Final